2019 Northern California Botanists Symposium

Research and Conservation of Northern California’s Vegetation Communities

14-15 January 2019
California State University, Chico 
Bell Memorial Union Auditorium

Northern California Botanists will host its 9th botanical symposium on January 14-15, 2019 on the campus of California State University in Chico. Optional workshops will be held on Wednesday, January 16. A 2-day schedule of presentations by working botanists will include sessions on Vegetation Mapping and Monitoring, Importance of Herbaria in Research, Management, and Conservation, Fire and Vegetation, Challenges and Solutions for Conserving Cryptic Diversity, Native Plant Conservation, Lightning Talks, Now the Good News, and New Discoveries.

For more information, visit the 2019 Symposium Homepage.

Past Symposia Programs

2017 Symposium

Diverse Environments: How Plants Succeed in Northern California
9-10 January 2017
Download the program
View the 2017 Symposium Overview page to access videos of the presentations and links to PDFs of many of the posters.

2016 Symposium

Plant Adaptations: Research, Conservation, and Management
11-13 January 2016
Download the program
View the 2016 Symposium Overview page to access videos of 19 sessions and links to PDFs of 19 poster sessions.

2014 Symposium

Northern California Plant Life – Botany for a Changing World
13-15 January 2014
Download the program

2013 Symposium

From the Redwoods to the Sagebrush: Botany Ranging Far and Wide
14-15 January 2013
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2011 Symposium

Northern California Plant Life: Wonder, Discovery, Concern
10-12 January 2011
Download the program

2010 Symposium

Botanical Treasures in Northern California - What's at Stake?
11-13 January 2010
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2008 Symposium

Northern California Plant Life: Celebrating What We Have with an Eye to the Future
14-16 January 2008
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2007 Symposium

The Interface Between Research and Management in Northern California Botany
18-19 January 2007
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