2019 Post Symposium Workshops

Research and Conservation of Northern California’s Vegetation Communities

16 January 2019

Optional post-symposium workshops are scheduled for the Wednesday following the Symposium. You do not have to attend the Symposium to register for a workshop. To register for a workshop, visit the Registration Page.

Workshop 1: Collecting and Preserving Herbarium Specimens

    Jane Van Susteren,
Environmental Scientist, Calif. Dept. of Water Resources
    Genevieve Walden, Senior Plant Taxonomist, Calif. Dept. of Food and Agriculture
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: CSUC Campus, Room TBD
$40.00 (workshop will be cancelled without a minimum of 10 participants)

Document your discoveries! Deposit your vouchers with herbaria!

Herbarium collections are evidence of what you observe in the field. Collecting plants and making herbarium specimens is a skill you should be able to access when you need it. If you are ever required to make herbarium specimens as part of a contract, have taxonomically complex taxa you want to unravel, are undertaking a botanical or ecological study that involves defined plant species, or might find an exciting range extension of a rare plant or a depressing range extension of an invasive weed, you should be comfortable collecting and processing plant specimens.

In this workshop, you will learn to make herbarium specimens. You’ll learn the appropriate and ethical collection of plants, how to collect and record additional morphological information for future identification, how to make an accurate and useful label, and how to deposit specimens with a partner herbarium. There will be a short field component where we will collect plants to press and process later in the day.

Whether you’ve never collected plants, mounted herbarium specimens before, or are looking to refine your skills, come join us!

Workshop 2: New Calflora Tools for California Botanists and Plant Enthusiasts

Instructors: Cynthia Powell, Executive Director of Calflora
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: CSUC Campus, Bell Memorial Union, Room 203
Cost: $50.00 (workshop will be cancelled without a minimum of 10 participants)


This course will be a combination of lecture and field exercises on new Calflora tools. We will go over how we crosswalk old and new scientific plant names, Calflora taxon pages, importing, exporting, and using Calflora wild plant data. We will discuss applications for collecting data in the field using Calflora apps, creating history stacks to track changes over time, and mapping. Much of the class will take place in the meeting room at CSUC, and the hike will take place right out the door.


Professional and student botanists, ecologists, Calflora Professional Users, land and resource managers, restoration volunteers, plant enthusiasts, and conservationists.

Participants will learn

  • Applications of Calflora in the field and at work
  • How Calflora data can be used for rare plant and mapping projects
  • How to collect rare and non-rare plant data using Calflora tools
  • How to document data using customized forms and offline map caches
  • How vegetation types and attributes can be mapped

Please note

Participants should be physically able to hike for 1-2 hours. This workshop will be held rain or shine. Please contact Cynthia Powell cpowell@calflora.org with any questions.